Charmaine FordCharmaine Ford
Busy Silence

WINNER: Tui Award for “Best Jazz Album 2007” - Vodafone NZ Music Awards
On My Way[MP3]Charmaine Ford – piano
Intro (Maybe This Time) Tom Callwood – bass
Maybe This Time[MP3]Reuben Bradley – drums
Joshua Sleeps[MP3] 
Lyall Bay[MP3]Guest: Johnny Lippiett – sax [4 & 11]
Pins And Needles[MP3] 
Midnight Char-donnay[MP3]Producer: Charmaine Ford
I’ll Never Forget You[MP3] 
Farewell Blues[MP3]Buy online now
Charmaine FordCharmaine Ford
Blues for Guppy
FINALIST: Tui Award for “Best Jazz Album 2004” - Vodafone NZ Music Awards
Truly Yours[MP3]Charmaine Ford – piano
Blues For Guppy[MP3]Tom Callwood – bass
Itchy Thought[MP3]Mark Nelson – drums
No Reason[MP3] 
Just In Case[MP3]Producer: Charmaine Ford
Chicken Charmaine[MP3] 
Last Friday[MP3] 
Lullaby For Dillon[MP3] 
In Your Eyes
[MP3]Buy online now
Charmaine FordCharmaine Ford/Nick Tipping/Richard Wise
Live at Sandwiches
Blues For Guppy[MP3]Charmaine Ford – piano
It Could Happen To You[MP3]Nick Tipping – bass
Nature Boy[MP3]Richard Wise – drums
Nick’s Blues[MP3] 
Bye Bye Blackbird [MP3]


Just In Case[MP3]Charmaine Ford, Nick Tipping & Richard Wise
Maybe This Time[MP3] 
Farewell Blues[MP3]Buy online now
[1,6,7,8] Composed By Charmaine Ford © Copyright Ford Motion Records 2007
[4] Composed By Charmaine Ford & Nick Tipping © Copyright Ford Motion Records 2007

Charmaine Ford/Nick Tipping/Richard Wise
After The Last Dance
Eleven O'Clock
[MP3]Charmaine Ford – piano
Itchy Thought[MP3]Nick Tipping – bass
As Requested
[MP3]Richard Wise – drums
The Wise Guy
Folieta[MP3]Charmaine Ford, Nick Tipping,
Midnight Chardonnay[MP3]Richard Wise, & Alistair Isdale
After The Last Dance[MP3]Buy online now